With 15 years of web design and development experience, I am a seasoned entrepreneur, having founded and managed my own web design business for the past 10 years. Because of my experience as an entrepreneur, I have a wide range of skill sets, experience, and a responsibility to manage schedules and finances, while also developing and growing a client base.

I have a wide range of clients from global multi-billion dollar companies such as Amway to silicon valley startups, and non-profit organizations.


Recently, I developed a frontend mobile interface for the elearning department of Amway. I was responsible for the creation of all aspects of the front end using AngluarJS and Bootstrap as the UI foundation. It was my job to come up with an appropriate UI, present my advice to the client, and develop a product along with IT that satisfies.

Communication, creativity, speed, and an understanding of current technologies are all vital in my work and qualities that I really enjoy using. Plus, I have constantly heard from clients that my quality and speed of delivery along with my willingness to listen are strengths that they appreciate.

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Logo creation, animation, web design and development, print design, illustration, and video editing are some of the projects recently completed.

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